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Exceptional readiness

Viewpoint School, a large TK-12 private school in Los Angeles, challenged Collective to develop a new visual identity that abandoned their tired old bell motif and avoided all other academic clichés. Having weathered a pandemic and approaching its 60th anniversary, the school was keenly future-focused and eager to communicate its mission to create exceptional readiness, courageous mindsets, resilient identities and extraordinary futures.

Seeking a deeper meaning in the school’s name, Collective designed a simple and reductive V form with an asymmetrically placed aperture. This aperture can be interpreted as many things: a window, an invitation, an embrace. It emphatically represents a point a view, and as a supergraphic it takes an active role in the visual system where it overlays or interacts with other system elements and messaging.

In addition to creating a new color palette, typography and patterns using the new logo’s geometry, Collective organized and directed an on-campus photoshoot that involved 100+ students. The resulting image library spans all grade levels and captures expressions of confidence, joy, optimism and connection. The photography, particularly when framed by the new logo, presents a powerful and distinctive presence in the Los Angeles school community.

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