1. simi_opener

From here to anywhere

Collective collaborated with business consultancy Zeste to develop a new brand identity and visual vocabulary that would communicate Simi Valley Unified School District’s purpose, opportunities and programs. The goal was to improve the reputation of the district and reverse the trend of declining enrollment. Collective leveraged the visual language of the Chumash, a Native American people who are an important part of Simi Valley history, and infused this with the concepts of merit, pride and community.

The brand promise, developed by Zeste, captured the drive, ambition and personality of SVUSD, summed up with the motto ‘From here to anywhere’. This became the rallying cry for the District and an integral part of the visual system.

Upon completion of the launch, enrollment stabilized and actually showed an increase in the fall of 2016 — the first increase in a decade. The brand revitalization has become an important symbol of SVUSD’s renewed momentum, relevance and vitality.

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