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We get dirty

Following the satisfying collaboration that produced the monograph Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons: LaGuardia Design Group 1990–2021, the firm hired collective to develop a new visual identity. The time was right. The firm had reached a critical point in its evolution — and they wanted to launch their new identity to coincide with the release of the book.

Through the process of discovery and reevaluation and seizing the opportunity for change, the firm’s name was changed to LDG, which is how they’re referred to externally. A compact and versatile monogram-based logotype became the focal point, paired with a system that includes a new color palette, typographic style, and a set of lively site plan inspired patterns. Additionally, a new photography approach was developed to reflect their on-site, sleeves-rolled-up, “we get dirty” ethic.

Deployed swiftly to promote the book on social media and at events, in short order the new identity was used to reimagine multiple touchpoints, including signage, presentations and digital. The enthusiastic and consistent application of the system has easily positioned LDG above and beyond their peers and competitors.

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